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Ready To Show

Description :

Ready To Show is a professional clothing trade show that focuses on contracts. It was the first event organized in Italy to provide international manufacturers of apparel, accessories, textiles, and leather with direct access to major European buyers, including importers, private labels, large retailers, and other users of imported apparel and textiles. Ready To Show is well-known in Italy as the only place to source garments, knitwear, and accessories from non-EU countries. The visitor breakdown for pre-COVID's editions shows the growing importance of non-Italian visitors, even though Italy represents approximately 70% of total visitors. European visitors are attracted to AREA ITALIA, the special section dedicated to Italian makers offering Made in Italy production for private labels.


Date :From Jul 11, 2023 to Jul 13, 2023

city :Milan

opening/access hours :9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

organiser :Tortona Design & Fashion

venue :Via Giovanni Keplero, 12, 20016 Pero MI

Country :Italy